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Comme son cousin BIRDY III, il s'agit d'un pager 2 voies avec acquittement, fonctionnant sur TETRA (SDS) et sur le réseau GPRS

BIRDY TETRA possède en outre de nombreuses caractéristiques techniques telles qu'un module GPS (géolocalisation), un accéléromètre ("homme mort", optimisation de batterie), une étiquette RFID (contrôle d'ouverture de portes...).





TETRA - GSM/GPRS functionalities

2 vectors that can be selected in different ways: (TETRA and GPRS at the same time / or  TETRA then GPRS / or GPRS then TETRA)

1 individual address

1 group address

Memory reception: up to 50 messages of 1000 characters each

Canned messages: 96 canned messages over 8 groups, 12 canned messages per group and 130 characters per canned message.

Phone book: 96 contacts over 8 groups, 12 canned messages per group and 28 characters per canned message.

Unread message alarm (displayed and sound)

10 MP3 type alert tones (Downloadable) and 10 alerting tones


3 ring tones profiles (Silence, normal, user)

Low battery alarm

LCD color display 2,8’’ (240x480 RGB)

Over the Air encryption (OTA)

Service messages enabling to remotely unvalidate, locate… the pager

Alone worker protection (verticality loss, fall, SOS button)

Languages : French, English, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish

Indoor localization (Option : BIRDYProtect)

Windows compatible customization software


General functionalities

Li-Ion battery 3.7V/2100mA - Battery life more than 24 hours

Charge time: 6hours approximatily

Weight: 195 g

Size : 95 x 71 x 31.4 mm

Supplied with desktop battery charger, belt clip, strap

Micro USB connector for car charger

Operating temperature and humidity from –20°C to 65°C, 95% at 40°C

Storage temperature and humidity from –30°C to 80°C, 95% at 40°C

Easy firmware updating by PC


TETRA specifications

MOTOROLA TOM100 inside

Frequency (MHz) :380—400 MHz / 410—430 MHz

Nominal output power: 30 dBm (1W)

Channel spacing: 25 kHz

Static reference sensitivity: -112 dBm

Dynamic (faded) reference sensitivity: -103 dBm

CALLOUT protocol included (TTR001-21) (without talkgroup)

SDS message

Possibility of encryption, TEA1, TEA2,  TEA3 (option)


GPRS/GSM module specification

Full quad band module : EGSM 850,900,1800,1900 MHz

Multi-slot GPRS class 10 (3+2 & 4+1)

Maximum transmission power (2W - 850/900 MHz) (1W - 1800/1900 MHz)

PDU and SMS mode held up

SIM card located under the battery


GPS module specification

LIP protocol included

High sensitivity GPS - 160 dBm / 50 channels GPS

Cold Start 29 seconds / Hot Start 1 second

GPS gain (antenna + LNA) 17 dB

GALILEO compatible